About Sun Seasoned

How Sun Seasoned Raw Foods Was Founded

My name is Diana Gammon. I am the average American woman. I grew up eating the average American diet of meat, potatoes and vegetables (mostly canned) and I hardly ever drank water, but consumed a ton of soda and Kool aid with mega doses of sugar. I wasn't aware of pesticides or concerned if produce was organic or not. And wasn't sure what the word "organic" even meant. So I continued on of course, totally oblivious as to what this kind of diet would do to my health.

Several years later I started to notice and feel changes. I felt bloated, my mind was cloudy, I was tired, puffy and I put on weight just simply thought I was feeling my age. I went to the doctor for my physical and to my astonishment, I was told that I was four times at risk for a heart attack! What? I couldn't believe it.

Of course, I was prescribed the standard medications but declined them and opted to do some research on my own instead hoping there was a better alternative. That's when I discovered the Raw Food Diet. And NO, its not raw meat! Actually, it's no meat of any kind. It's only fruits and vegetables that are not cooked or heated above 118 degrees. And it's not really a diet but a lifestyle.

My journey has taught me about where our food comes from and I made a choice to change the way I ate. No more meat, eggs, bread, sugar or processed foods. It wasn't long before I could feel the change. I felt happier, sharper, more energy. I started to workout. Did I mention that I hate exercise? I couldn't deny that I felt great.

As the weight came off and people really started to notice, I felt even better. As I continued to eat only raw food, I started to do yoga and calm my mind. I drink a lot of filtered water. I learned to find time for me, time to relax and be at peace. People began to see the changes that I could feel taking place. The doctor noticed too. When I returned for my follow up visit my tests revealed totally normal results. No medication needed. I discovered the meaning of Hippocrates - "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".

Everything was perfect except the cravings for sweets! I love cinnamon and sugar and all food that contain that combination. When I would shop, I would see RAW snacks but didn't find any that really satisfied me. I tried some Kale Chips. They were delicious and healthy but there were no sweet Kale Chips. That's when I decided to make my own.

Kale ChipsBanana Walnut, Apple Walnut, Apple Cinnamon and Chocolate Coconut & Almond Kale Chips were created to satisfy that craving. My family and friends, co-workers, neighbors, doctors and nurses, and just about everyone I met I gave samples to had overwhelming responses. They absolutely loved them! With the added flavors of Super Cheesey Red Bell Pepper, Sour Cream with Onion and Curry & Spices, Sun Seasoned Raw Foods was born and I decided to change my entire life and follow a dream which is to share my story and my snacks in hopes that people will be inspired to make a change in their lives starting with their good choices one snack at a time.

"The food we eat makes a difference. You can feel it, they can see it!" D. Gammon